DIY Fall Wreath

October 19, 2020
fall wreath on red door

I wouldn’t call myself “crafty” but I learned a long time ago that I have a very particular taste in most things. And when I can’t find exactly what I want from a store, I find it fun to try to make the thing I have in mind. We moved into a new house over the summer with a bright red front door. I pulled out my old fall wreath a couple weeks ago and the store-bought, glitter-dusted leaves just didn’t feel up to the challenge of highlighting our bold red door. So I waited until all the fall foliage was 40% off at Michaels and spent last Saturday afternoon with wire cutters, hot glue and a pile of fake leaves.

I started out watching this tutorial from Nesting Story for a minimalist fall wreath. I knew I wanted something modern but with a little more pizazz than this one. Somewhere between Minimalism and Southern Living. I used this wheat grass looking foliage as my base, breaking off the stems and spacing them out around the wreath base and attaching with wire.

The next part was the most fun. I listened to several episodes of the podcast Canary while attaching the rest of the flowers. Nothing like the true crime sexual assault genre to get into the autumn mood! I broke off leaves and flowers from the remaining foliage, and used a combination of wire and hot glue to secure them in place. I used mostly red flowers to go with the door.

The last things I added were the little pumpkin and pinecone accents. I wasn’t sure if I would use them, thinking they might be kind of cheesy, but it feels like they make the whole wreath more fun and cheerful. Here is the finished product!

fall wreath on a red door

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